Today I had the great pleasure to share my NEWYORICANGIRL.COM information with fellow NewYorican, Jennifer Lopez! The international superstar actress and singer appeared at the National Cable Show in Washington, D.C. where I’d been granted media credentials as a former corporate spokesperson in the industry. 
Lopez was featured today as the Chief Creative Officer for NUVO TV, an English language network created for the Hispanic market. The new network is currently available to 32 million cable subscribers and is keeping Lopez busy, while she’s trying to compete in the fierce cable networks’ battle for viewers. 
Having spent twenty five years in the cable television arena, I’ll be rooting for Lopez and NUVO TV, specifically because I’ve watched my former industry neglect their Hispanic customers for too long in not supporting good quality programming nor providing adequate distribution so that these networks can secure the viewership they need to compete.

Call your cable company today and tell them you want your NUVO TV!