You’re invited to join us for a hot night of salsa dancing celebrating our Puerto Rican culture and the stories of our ancestors’ arriving in NYC back in the 40s and 50s. The dance production (based, in part) on my memoir, “NEWYORICANGIRL…Surviving my Spanglish Life” is headed to my native Bronx neighborhood this time!
“NuYoRican,” will be presented on Saturday, October 20th 2018 at Hostos Community College (please call for tickets at (718) 518-4455). First performed in 2003, the show was created by the Latin Ballet of Virginia’s founding director, Ana Ines King and has been performed nationally (Richmond and New York) and in Latin America.  

There are several dance scenes that offer a glimpse into my family’s assimilation journey including snippets of my parents’ relationship (as pictured below on their honeymoon in 1959). Each and every time “NuYoRican” has been performed, people in the audience have come up to me to share that my stories are their stories too.

It is the universality of our Puerto Rican experience performed on stage that binds us and, honors our ancestors sacrifice, that must be shared. Please join me on October 20th 2018 at Hostos where we will also pay our respects to the 2,975+ victims of Hurricane Maria. God bless Puerto Rico.

Julia NYG LBV in NYC Nov 2017

Latin Ballet RTD