I want you to know it’s not easy being Puerto Rican – the only Hispanic group with citizenship – because people presume we’re illegal despite the fact that we’re as American as you are. The incident that just occurred in the current NCAA basketball tournament is another example of how ignorant people can be. Make sure to watch the video showing Angel Rodriguez, a player for Kansas State at the free-throw line,  listening as Southern Mississippi band members taunt “where’s your green card?”

We’ve paid our dues to the USA to the point where other Hispanic nationals don’t like us; believing we’ve given away too much to become citizens of this great country. My fellow Boricuas and I are caught in the middle, while we continue to deal with very negative stereotypes about us that put our safety and our self-esteem at risk.

So, please help your fellow American citizens by educating those around you to understand that Puerto Ricans – no matter where they live – are legal citizens of the United States of America and we bleed red, white and blue just like you.

Puerto Rican NCAA basketball player taunted for being illegal (USA TODAY)…