NYG Cover #1

A Spanglish girl’s gritty tale of trauma and painful assimilation while pursuing the American dream. NEWYORICANGIRL must navigate a traumatic childhood that includes rape, her mother’s conflicted life as the mistress of a powerful CEO, alcoholic parents and a forced adoption by her Jewish stepfather that breaks her Puerto Rican heart. Just when she believes she is putting her painful past behind her, she finds herself in New York City on 9/11.

When the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder present themselves, NEWYORICANGIRL finds herself in the fight of her life as her mental health crisis unfolds with her children watching. As all of the terrifying memories of the past return to haunt her, she must rely on her family, her doctors and her faith to overcome the relentless trauma she is reliving. NEWYORICANGIRL fights her way back to reclaim the Puerto Rican life stolen from her, emerging as a change agent for her people and in honor of her beloved children and ancestral home.
Released in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, please visit Lulu.com to order your E-reader copy or hit the “My Book” link above to order a print copy. Thank you for your support.  🙂