Julia w: Gina's Mom 7:17:13

When I was abducted and raped at the age of nine years old, I didn’t realize then how lucky I was not to have been killed. Instead, I was released by my rapist but threatened with my life if I ever told anyone. Because of this experience, and because I believe that I must “walk the walk,” I felt compelled to reach out to the family of Gina DeJesus, a victim in the Cleveland Kidnapping Case who was held in captivity for nine years and rescued just two months ago. I visited with her parents today for an hour to offer my support and prayers for Gina’s continued healing. This photo features her mother, Nancy Ruiz, one of the best Puerto Rican role models I have ever met. Nancy described in detail her harrowing experience while her daughter was missing and how she relied on her faith in God to help her take it just one day at a time. I will write much more about my inspiring conversation with her in the days ahead. NEWYORICANGIRL