Boston SkylineI went to Emerson College in Boston and, ever since then, that vibrant center of knowledge has rivaled within my heart for being as amazing as my native New York. And because I, too, was trapped in the middle of a random terrorist attack when I was in NYC on 9/11, I can relate to the excruciating pain and disbelief that America’s Bostonians and people from all over the world are feeling right now about the bombing at the Boston Marathon.
Our collective psyche has again been rattled, where we are dazed for a short while, before we collectively return to our commitment to not let fear seize the day. A marathon will pass my house next week and I’ll be sure to stand along the parade route, cheering with an American flag in my hand.
It is during these times of great tragedy that we are reminded of our common humanity. It is in these moments when we witness selfless heroism and the almighty will to survive that we decide good must always trump over evil.
Seven students attending Emerson were injured and, fortunately, have been treated and released. But, via my personal 9/11 experience, I know their psychological trauma will remain. I’ve contacted my alma mater and am working with them to establish a support network intended to best support our “Emerson Seven.” I grieve for their innocence lost and will do all I can to help them heal. NEWYORICANGIRL