NEWYORICANGIRL at the U.S. Capitol
Huff Post Latino Politics is reporting of Puerto Rican superstar, Ricky Martin’s frustration surrounding the results of the recent statehood vote held in Puerto Rico. As a NEWYORICANGIRL, I remain neutral about the self-determination journey of my ancestor’s island. 
However, my deepest conviction remains in believing that the U.S. Congress should urgently and proactively seek to enfranchise the island’s 2.4 million eligible voters currently banned from voting for the President of their own country – a civil rights conundrum that impacts ANY American choosing to claim residency in Puerto Rico. 
The U.S. Constitution has historically and judiciously broadened our nation’s voting electorate via the:
-15th Amendment granting African American men the right to vote.
-19th Amendment granting American Women the right to vote.
-23rd Amendment granting the American residents of the District of Columbia the right to vote.
It seems obvious to me that the member of Congress who seizes the opportunity to champion amending the Constitution to secure full voting rights for our fellow American citizens living in Puerto Rico stands to win the increasingly growing – and crucial – Hispanic electorate’s gratitude, respect and potential vote. Please take a moment to consider signing my petition below if you agree that every American citizen should have the right to vote for their own President of these great United States. NEWYORICANGIRL
Ricky Martin Speaks Out on Puerto Rico’s Statehood Vote…