The media and political analysts were all abuzz yesterday, talking about the whoopin’ Romney and the Republicans suffered when 71% of Latinos voted for Obama last Tuesday. But, a mention of the two million disenfranchised voters on the island of Puerto Rico who are American citizens banned from voting for their own President? Nada. Not a peep. How myopic is that?!
So, the way I see it, the Democrats are dissing me too. Beware, U.S. Congress and all it’s elected officials with their comfy chairs over there. Our Puerto Rican community is watching what you do with the results of the island’s referendum vote – 62% in favor of statehood – and you’d be wise to grant Puerto Rico the respect and dignity their clamoring for because the Hispanic electorate is watching. My people have done everything the United States has demanded of them for 114 years now and we’ve decided it’s payback time.  NEWYORICANGIRL