La Fortaleza (the Governor’s Mansion in Puerto Rico) up for grabs in the 2012 election cycle.

Kudos to Time Magazine for their upcoming cover story (featured below) which offers analysis regarding the influence that Hispanic voters will have in the upcoming election for President. The lead article in this link speculates about Arizona’s Latinos determining the election and (as someone who’s lived there) I can say I don’t believe this will be the case. As I’ve mentioned, my Hispanic community includes 20+ nations (while lumping Puerto Rican American citizens in that mix). So, with regards to Arizona’s majority Mexican population, I just don’t think the state offers enough Latino variety to be a bellwether state. It’s my trained political opinion that the dominant Hispanic communities care deeply about very different issues. Mexicans are strongly tied to the immigration issue, Cubans are concerned about the changing U.S. policies related to Fidel Castro, while Puerto Ricans here on the mainland are focused on Jobs, Healthcare and the upcoming statehood referendum being voted on in Puerto Rico on the same day our nation will pick our next President. Given that Puerto Rico’s Governor, Luis Fortuno (some say, a distant VP contender) will be running for re-election on November 6th, turnout for the status referendum should be very high.

Frankly, it surprises me that more Americans aren’t aware of what could be a nation-changing vote to add a 51st state to our Union on that same election day. More importantly, I find it irritating that the Republican nominees for President keep being asked about immigration but not about their opinion on Puerto Rico’s potential to shake up Congress should our citizens there vote for statehood. A related question was raised by a viewer during a CNN debate in Florida, only to have moderator, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, marginalize the response time dedicated to discussing the issue. So, while I appreciate Time Magazine’s effort to educate the country about the Hispanic vote, I hope they – and other segments of the Time Warner media family –  dedicate future ink and coverage to the quagmire that is the current relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States. More about that soon. NEWYORICANGIRL